“Seed Rakhi is not just another campaign for us, it’s a tribute to our Mother Earth, to our environment. A campaign through which we don’t want to talk about making a change, however, we look forward to making one!” – Nitin & Divya


“When we consciously think about bringing a change, though gradually but definitely, we find ourselves breaking the path for it.”

While creating gifting products for various Indian festivities, one challenge that our founder, Nitin Jain often came across is to minimize the enormous amount of waste generated as a by-product of the celebrations done during festivities, one of which being Raksha Bandhan. The beautiful festival of sibling love, which has a very sacred ritual where sisters tie rakhis to their brothers, has been turned into a festival having a destructive out-turn. The thread embedded with beautiful artifacts, stone, glitters, plastic, and synthetic materials are of no use and goes to waste after the ritual is finished, eventually making another contribution to the ever-growing garbage hills. When we learned of the fact that every year 620 million non-biodegradable rakhis are dumped in waste that never decomposes, generating 1.18 billion tonnes of carbon footprints on the earth, we decided to take action against it.

A sustainable alternative to environment-harming plastic and synthetic rakhis, Seed Rakhi is a mark of care extended to nurture relationships and the environment.

“An Eco-Friendly Bond of Protection #Bandhan ke Beej”

Then, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, the urge to save the environment paved the way to design a sustainable alternative. After two years of intensive research and hard work, we, along with the SHGs and the community of women artisans, co-created world’s first-ever Seed Rakhi- a hand-crafted, upcycled rakhi that when sown, grows into a plant, making the world celebrate an ecologically safe Raksha Bandhan.



“An Act of Kindness, Nurturement, Mindfulness.”

The festival of Raksha Bandhan stands for the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters. Seed Rakhi® is meant to strengthen that bond that we share with our siblings and with mother earth by focusing on the idea of carrying forward the ritual but with a strong, sustainable expression. 

A sustainable alternative to environment-harming plastic and synthetic rakhis, Seed Rakhi is a mark of care extended to nurture relationships and the environment.

Design for Sustainability​

“Great design is not just a solution, it is the elimination of the problem.”

Sustainability is defined as feeding the necessities without impacting the environment negatively. The product manufacturing to packaging process to consumption to the disposing procedure of Seed Rakhi runs on the principle of a holistic eco-friendly design approach, leading to benefitting the three crucial pillars: People, Planet, and Profits.

Empowering Women​

“Success is all about lifting others and growing with them.”

Seed Rakhi intends to uplift the artistic communities of India, attaining it by connecting with the independent artisans from the villages of life, local craftswomen, and Self Help Groups and providing them with work opportunities, along with that, taking their art and showcasing it to the world.  

Covid-19 has massively hit the lives of people, financially, economically, and emotionally, especially the communities of artists and craftspeople. To extend a helping hand in the possible ways, Seed Rakhi aims to bring to them their lost space and employment stake. The team encourages individuals to learn the art of making eco-friendly rakhis and earn at the same time to become self-sustainable.

Supporting Organic Farming

“Discovering innovations by walking on nature’s pathways.”

Specifically focused on taking care of MOTHER EARTH in an ethical and sustainable manner, and making sure that nature-coordinated farming practices are adopted and farmers are respected, the Seed Rakhi® initiative uses cotton for its threads, sourced from farmers practicing organic farming, thus choosing a sustainable production method. 

Elevating the farmers of India and helping them preserve & revive their lands, we make sure the raw products, the environment, farmers, and lives of those making the rakhi, are impacted positively and ethically!


“Sowing a sustainable thought of seeds in Saplings.”

‘Nurture the future of tomorrow’, the ideology with which Seed Rakhi aims to grow. Our Little ones are very sensitive toward nature and when guided, they become ambassadors of change. To build a better, sustainably constructive future, we conduct workshops for students from different schools and colleges and create an army of young warriors. The #sowaseedrakhi campaign is spreading all across the country, imbibing in people a thought to live life in accordance with nature.

We believe in sustainable future !