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The Sustainable Living Guide

“Have you ever heard the comment about not closing the fans and lights when not in use at home”? This is a well-known fact that human actions want to save nature but immediate actions of development disrupt the complete process. Those who think about nature must be thinking about how to start a sustainable lifestyle. Here are some of the ways which will help you in living an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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Simple Raho, Khush Raho”

That’s a huge overarching objective. Every single one of us is a consumer, yet our persistent overconsumption of everything from quick fashion clothing to printers that we discard rather than repair is ruining our only home. 


One easy example would be the lavish way in which we celebrate any festival. For example:- In Raksha Bandhan people can easily opt for the sustainable eco-friendly rakhi and live a sustainable lifestyle and what would be a better option than choosing Seed Rakhi, an upcycled, hand-crafted rakhis that look good and brings good! The Seed Rakhi comes with planters and the seed is easily decomposed in nature.


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Buying Organic

Why buy organic? What genuine difference is there? It’s important to value the farming system that created the food you love, not just the particular bar of chocolate or bag of carrots that you choose to purchase. Instead of plastic, people nowadays can easily opt for bamboo. The bamboo products are made 100% organic and it will give you a new way to lead a sustainable life. 




Consider purchasing organic as much as you can if you believe that your food should be nutrient-dense, not harm the environment, treat employees, farmers, and factory workers fairly, respect animal rights, and truly place a value on that food, in addition to the low price set by the grocer, websites, etc. There are many platforms like seed rakhi where you can easily get organic products.

Make, Fix, Stitch, and Distribute

This is the actual flip side of the “buy less, buy better” philosophy. The key to living a more sustainable lifestyle is to value your possessions more and keep them in use for longer. This includes clothing, possessions, and other items.

Recycling is our last choice since so little of what we recycle actually gets recycled and so little of what we throw away is recycled. And it’s beneficial to your mental wellness! You must always opt for those products which are recyclable or plantable just like the seed rakhi gift hamper with a planter.

sustainable rakhi

Being Aware of the Present Situation 

Being more sustainable can refer to a wide range of topics, from the fashion industry to industrial farming, permaculture to cutting-edge biotechnology. For eg:- Using the same synthetic rakhis can be due to a lack of awareness that seed rakhis are available so easily and they are good for the environment.

  • Changing to a plant-based diet and purchasing vegan clothing and skincare
  • Industrial agriculture and animal rights
  • Loss of biodiversity due to deforestation
  • Removing plastic waste from our rivers, seas, and oceans.


Become Less Wasteful

This represents yet another significant step toward establishing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Everything we discard—from plastic to food waste—causes serious difficulties for the environment and wastes resources, emissions, materials, time, and money. It’s the second part of cutting back on your consumption.

The majority of us tend to view the process of purchasing something new, using it once, and then discarding it as a straight line, but in order to utilize less of our planet’s limited resources, we need to think more cynically.




Every choice you make and every product you purchase has the potential to be ethical and sustainable. As a result, there are millions of opportunities each day to choose something that is more sustainable and to gradually become more sustainable every day We don’t need you to be perfect; rather, we need you to try harder, work harder, make more changes, and motivate others. This is because we need everyone to try their best, rather than just a select few.


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