Save a Buxwaha. Sow a Seed Rakhi. Make a forest. Make a difference.

You can always do something. If it matters, you will find a way to make a difference. If it doesn’t, you will find an excuse. I sincerely believe so. Do you?

Abhi and Niyu brought it into the highlight. Thanks to Instagram. They talked about Buxwaha and made a difference. But they can only do so much alone. They need allies. And we need to know where and when we can contribute. Isn’t it? Would you mind planting a tree if put in front of you? It feels good, right? 

Seed Rakhi is one such way of enabling each other to be a part of something genuine. Rakhi is an occasion where more than just the festivities, a feeling is celebrated. Not many glitters but a thread could do to celebrate a bond between a brother and his sister. A bond that siblings share even when they are far apart. A thread containing all the childhood mischiefs, and nostalgia should be as ordinary yet as special as that bond.

Plastic rakhis are here to stay because they are cheaper to buy and if we do the ‘chai pe charcha’ talk, it is often concluded that it is what allures the Indian customer. But that is not the whole story. If one could offer something better, people might change their minds, one small step at a time.  

Every year sixty crore Indians celebrate Rakhi and nearly one point one-eight billion tonnes of CO2 is produced as a result. Now, that is not a fair deal with the environment.

You could change that – by choosing to talk about it in your circle; by planting a tree in your area together with your friends or colleagues; by reducing the waste generated by making sustainable choices; by choosing a Seed Rakhi, a rakhi that grows into a plant when sown over plastic rakhis that harm the environment. 

Last year, fifty thousand seeds were sown and more than two hundred women were employed. There are several kinds of plant options and designs to choose from. You could choose a traditional Jodhpuri Seed Rakhi or sow an aromatic Lavender Seed Rakhi and many more.      

If you are celebrating something so pure and special then why not be generous to mother earth alongside when we can, by doing so little? Let’s try to do our bit. What do you say? Happy Raksha Bandhan to everyone.  

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