Sustainability is a lifestyle

“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed or removed from production,” said not an environmentalist but a singer, Pete Seeger.

If you look into the subject of sustainability close enough, you will stumble upon the thought that sustainability is not just about the products you choose to use but also how it defines your personality and what impact it creates on a larger scale.

You could choose to travel in public transport or carpool and that would be a sustainable choice. You could choose to wear an organic tee and request for an organic carry bag at the supermarket and that would be a sustainable choice. You could choose to go digital instead of paper and that would be a sustainable choice. You could choose to invest in solar panels for electricity rather than depending on the conventional methods. 

Whatever you choose, you choose yourself along with it. If fair trade for the farmers and organic farming for the planet and its inhabitants are the keywords that click you, you carry a sustainable lifestyle. 

This also means if you had more such options you would want to value sustainability over anything else even when the price is not in your favor as of yet. It is something we won’t achieve immediately but something that we will have to continuously strive for. 

Every year sixty crore Indians celebrate Rakhi and nearly one point one-eight billion tonnes of CO2 is produced as a result. Now, that is not a fair deal with the environment. What do you say? 

You could change that – by choosing to talk about it in your circle; by planting a tree in your area together with your friends or colleagues; by reducing the waste generated by making sustainable choices; by choosing a Seed Rakhi, a rakhi that grows into a plant when sown over plastic rakhis that harm the environment. 

Last year, fifty thousand seeds were sown and more than two hundred women were employed. There are several kinds of plant options and designs to choose from. You could choose a traditional Jodhpuri Seed Rakhi or sow an aromatic Lavender Seed Rakhi and many more.

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